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7 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Jesse Carr Says:


    You’re amazing. I have lesbian moms and have been feeling this way for ages. Your brilliant article sums up exactly a lot of conversations I’ve been having in my community of ‘queerspawn’ (kids of queers) for several years now. Thank you so much for putting it down in writing, with so much eloquence and clarity, and all in one place. It is busily circulating on the internet/facebook as we speak. I hope you will keep writing about this topic, and (no matter how many snarky responses you get from conservative gays) I hope you know that there are a LOT of us who feel this way. Seriously – the reason the media only ever shows cute babies and toddlers is they cannot handle the radical analysis of the adult children when they grow up and have so much to say!

    Keep it up!

    Best wishes,
    Jesse Carr
    27 year old trans kid of lesbian moms

  2. Mark Snyder Says:

    Great work. QueerToday.com activists support your challenging the establishment!

  3. Bi Bi Baby Says:

    LOVE U LADIES!!!!!

  4. ale Says:


  5. Christine Bachman Says:

    Jane and Katie,

    Thank you both so much for writing this. I too have been feeling exactly this way for several years, and it feels so great to know that others (SO many others, really) feel this way too. I sent the article to a former professor of mine, and she wrote about and quoted the piece in a blog she writes (TrueSlant). She’s a big fan too!

    Check out what she had to say: http://trueslant.com/laurieessig/2009/10/23/queer-spawn-attack-gay-marriage-agenda/

    The more we circulate these important conversations, the better!

    With gratitude,
    Christine Bachman
    22 year old queer kid of gay dad, etc…

  6. Colleen Joy Says:

    I loved this piece, and how you’ve managed to pull so many of my thought together logically in one place at once!
    I write a zine, which I’m hoping to use this article as part of my main writing piece, discussing the Queer Community losing its focus. Would you be alright with that?
    You can contact me at colleenscally [at] gmail [dot] com
    Please continue to express your clearly intelligent thoughts! I’m sure there’s many other then the few who commented who would love to read them. :]

  7. Lukas Blakk Says:

    I was raised by a lesbian mom and the surrounding queer community. I grew up with a strong belief in alternative and chosen family. Politics in our family meant fighting for people to be themselves, not to be like the status quo. I’m so glad you wrote this and I want to memorize it so that when pressed, I can do better than just make puking noises when people talk about gay marriage. If you’re ever doing any recruiting or demonstrations and you want more warm bodies, let me know!


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